Rack-It SCBA & SCUBA Cylinder Storage Rack

RackIT SCBA and SCUBA cylinder Rack and Storage Solution

The RackIt SCBA / SCUBA cylinder storage rack was designed with several key factors in mind. We set out to produce one of the most cost effective and space efficient SCBA and SCUBA cylinder storage solutions on the market.
In addition the Rack-It was designed with a sharp focus on weight, without sacrificing strength and functionality, and we sought to add features to the rack solution that provided functionality and simplified operation.

The Rack-It provides all of this.  With perhaps the most versatile design in the market today we are confident we can provide a cost effective space efficient solution to your SCBA or SCUBA cylinder storage needs.

With pre-designed and custom designed sizing available to fit any SCBA or SCUBA cylinders, the Rack-It system provides the ability to fit your storage solution you need into any space you have available.


Constructed from lightweight aluminum, and utilizing a balanced weld free design, the Rack-IT can be installed with minimal impact on weight capacity. The Rack-It design is 50% to 85% lighter than other SCBA & SCUBA storage solutions.



Unlike steel based SCBA and SCUBA cylinder storage solutions which are susceptible to rust and corrosion, the Rack-It’s durable high strength aluminum design provides a potentially significant increase in life span.



The Rack-It’s compact design offers the highest space efficiency available on the market, leaving more room for critical equipment and gear.



Available in virtually any configuration, the Rack-It provides the ability to be used in both mobile and fixed environments.


  • Lightweight versatile design allows for easy and safe storage of SCBA and SCUBA cylinders in both mobile and fixed environments
  • High strength 5000 series Aluminum alloy construction
  • Available for 30,45,60, and 75 minute SCBA and SCUBA cylinders with custom designed storage bays available for any size cylinder
  • Space for 1 to 1000 cylinders depending on your needs
  • Lightweight and feature packed

We stock many sizes of the Rack-It SCBA & SCUBA storage racks. Individual specifications will be sent to you prior to shipment to ensure proper fit.

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