The SpaceSaver® system is engineered to maximum efficiency to minimize installation space requirements which leaves you with more room for life saving equipment and gear. 

Every component of the system was designed with this space premium focus in mind while avoiding the need for significant and costly body modification.

We provide a variety of products to suit your SCBA filling needs. Whether you need to fill tanks on scene or in your station, we have they right system for you.

If you have any questions about which SpaceSaver® SCBA Fill Enclosure will best meet your needs please contact us for more information.

Easy to understand and easy to use.

The AccuFLO® Air Control Panel makes operation in pressure situations a breeze.

AccuFLO® Air Control Panels are handcrafted and manufactured using aircraft grade aluminum and high quality pneumatic components such premium gauges, Thermo high pressure valves and Parker low pressure valves.

While we provide a large number of pre-configured panel options to choose from, custom configuration to suit your needs is never a problem and we will gladly custom design a panel to suit your specific needs. We promise to deliver the right panel for the right situation.

The KLAMP-IT® is an Ultra-Compact ASME/DOT/UN bracketing system allows for either horizontal or vertical mounting of between 1 and 8 cylinders while taking up only 3/8” of additional space for the hardware.

The close coupling system allows for side by side cylinder mounting to minimize space requirements.

Features removable sections that allow for easy cylinder removal or replacement. All brackets are constructed from premium high strength 12 and 14 gauge stainless steel and fitted with 1/4” stainless steel mounting plates and 3/8” stainless steel hardware.

The KLAMP-IT® interior face is augmented with traction materials to assure minimal cylinder movement after mounting.

The STACKER is a reinforced stainless steel mounting bracket for ASME or DOT air storage cylinders in either fixed or mobile applications. The STACKER bracket is fabricated using high strength stainless steel for maximum durability and lifespan. Our integrated reinforced design allows for the stacking of multiple units to any height and width necessary. This design allows the cylinders to be placed side by side and/or stacked vertically to meet individual space constraints. The Stacker’s stainless steel restraining bands are affixed with traction materials to insure cylinders are secured.

The RACK-IT SCBA / SCUBA cylinder storage rack was designed with several key factors in mind. We set out to produce one of the most cost effective and space efficient SCBA and SCUBA cylinder storage solutions on the market.
In addition the RACK-IT was designed with a sharp focus on weight, without sacrificing strength and functionality, and we sought to add features to the rack solution that provided functionality and simplified operation.

The RACK-IT provides all of this.  With perhaps the most versatile design in the market today we are confident we can provide a cost effective space efficient solution to your SCBA or SCUBA cylinder storage needs.

With pre-designed and custom designed sizing available to fit any SCBA or SCUBA cylinders, the RACK-IT system provides the ability to fit your storage solution you need into any space you have available.

Our Breathing Air Booster Package for Fire Departments answers multiple requirements.
It enables the full use of 6000-psi air storage on mobile truck units maximizing the volume of air at the scene.
It ensures full 4500-6000 psi SCBA tank fills even if the air storage tanks (in-station or on the Mobile unit)
drop as low as 500-psi. Smaller departments may not need a unit both in-station, and truck mounted. The
truck mounted unit can be easily setup to fill 4500-6000 psi SCBA both parked in-station, or at the fire scene;
and be driven with a low pressure conventional air compressor, or “Bootstrap” directly from the High-
Pressure air storage supply in either location.

Other models are available to suit your needs as well.